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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

20 things I learned about New Moon

Posted by Paul

1. You can throw a slice of pizza and it'll turn into a wrench.
2. Mike Newton is a marshmallow.
3. Edward and Bella running in the woods if funny
4. You can keep seeing your boyfriend everywhere and then fall off a bike
5. Werewolves are large as four five story buildings
6. Where is Victoria now?
7. Bella loves Jacob but she wants to be with Edward
8. Bella sat depressed in a chair from October to December without moving a mucsle.
9. Bella sends emails to Alice even though they never go through
10. Felix can kick Edward's ass
11. They play elevator music in the Volturi lair
12. Cliff diving is fun
13. NEVER ask to be taken home when feeling sick
14. Silver Volvos can morph into Black Volvo SUVs
15. The Wolf Pack Dont Bite, Well At Least Some Of Them Don't
16. Somehow, Carlisle and Bella have some serious chemistry.
17. The "Wolf Pack" apparently like eating big ass muffins.
18. Bella has much more self control than every other girl in the world, because I know if Jacob climbed through my bedroom window shirtless, I'd pounce without hesitation.
19. Charlie is a famous ladies man.
20. Harry Clearwater knows some powerful kung-fu