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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wrong Gramming!

Posted by Paul

...ewan ko ba kung saan ako napadpad kaka-click ko basta napulot ko nalang ang isang mistulang diary entry ng sawing MAID na tila nag-e-emo-emohan pa.

Eto na:


You did'nt waited four me
by ate meng

I am on a way from home. I was crying while walk. Tears felling off my two watered eye. You don’t came to the place we settled. I am anger at you. Of course, it’s no deal on you. You had a nice life their, whereabout me, just here big deal on you don’t come to the place.
Five years passed away ever since you lefted me here in Philippines four you’re life in exchange to Shecauselobackyeah.

We wear teen agers back before then. We so in loved each others. We did even maked a time cupsole. We berried hour love letters and memoryvillas in the soil underwhich the acacia three in the park. Oh the memorylanes following back my head, and oslo my heart. I’m love you back before then and upto until today. While we berried the cupsole, you telled me you will came back for me after five years.

Oh! How I misses you everytime I am woke up early the morning news. It is November when you promise you came back for mine. November 10 to be exactful. We made a fact, a promising that at 3:00 pm we will saw each others underneath the acacia three and got the time cupsole we berried.

Days before your arrived here in Philippines I’m over exciting. I’m can’t hard sleeping think of always you coming here back. Every single days of the week I’m expect all waist it’s November 10 already. Today, the day has now came. This is the momentum I’m always waited four. I’m exciting to saw you again and held you tighter my hands and hug you with arms wide opened. I’m nervously the morning I woke up today. What will I first tell and say you? Is that “How you were?” or “Our you tried on your trip back homes?”

Oh I’m full of excited. How will you look now? Will you be handsomer than ever before I seen you? Did you tall? Did you whiten? Oh I had heared lots of stops abroad! They said when you go their your skin whitens! How I wish you whitened. I’m really sure you’ll looked nice with those white skins of you.

It’s 2:30. I needed to start going to park. I wanted to first arrival there and wait four you. 2 hours passed away from time I gotten their. You were not came. I’m hated and anger you. You promising me all your loves. You promising me to go to you with you to Shecauselobackyeah after you came here. You telled me you will marriage me there. You’re such a lawyer! You are fool of lice. Every fart of your system is lie! What you know are all lice. Your promises are always nailed!!! I can’t believing I falled for somewhat like you. You lost my loves to you! I’m fool in loving a man of lice. Nothing in the world you know but lice and lice.

What I needed to doing now? It’s darkened the clouds. Sun starting to setted. The moon showed her phase to the world. Yet, maybe you still laughter your heads out because you make me looked stupidity waiting below the acacia three. I decision to go home. I’m just wasted my time in the park. No one you will came. I’m just make my eyeballs white. They turn white for waiting nothingness!

My payrents see me cried. They asking me “Oh, our doughter, what your problem is? You cried? Why?” I can’t keep secret to them anymore. I plan to surprised them with my lover on going home here but the guy wasn’t showed up the park. I need to tell them the true. I had too. I needed too tell them why. I recounting them the pull story. The promising nailed, the man of lice, everything.

My dad hit me hardness. I’m almost slap my face to the wall. He telled me I’m stupidity. I’m dumbness! I’m and IDIOM! Why? I am the victimizing here. I was the left one. Why I’m still the idiom one?

Then and there, my mom say, “Sweetie, the calender on your room is dates on 2002. You don’t wanted me to removed it because you wants to remembered that importance calender. You seeing the wrong dates, sweetie.”


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